What we will consider buying:
Most quality hardwood furniture pieces
• Working Appliances (working washers, dryers, fridges and freezers.
• Household time pieces such as working grandfather clocks, collectibles, and un-usual's
• Mechanical items and accessories including (electric chairs and recliners, scooters, etc.)
• Things that may be considered strange and unusual may find a home a Treasures

Many things are considered when it comes to deciding whether or not we will purchase items.

Some criteria considered prior to purchase would be:
Is it in good condition or does it have inherent resale value?
Does it require significant amounts of repair or refurbishment?
If it is furniture, does it have intact finish and minimal wear?

What we will not consider buying:
Particle board furniture or furniture that required assembly after purchase.
Items/Pieces that are in need of repair complete refinishing, or re-upholstery.
Pieces or Items where your asking price is too high and prevents us from recovering our handling and overhead costs, offer the item for sale at a reasonable price, and make a modest profit.

You may upload your photos or email them to us at info@TreasuresOnline.info along with your asking price and we may consider them for purchase.

If you have pieces/items that you just want picked up, we may likely stop by, picking them up for free along with any other things that you are wishing to dispose taking them for free as well as our thanks. 

We may be interested in purchasing or picking up quality furniture and items in exceptional condition and good working order with a reasonable asking price.
Thing's we Buy &             Things we don't....
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